Entertainment Booking All Genres

We provide booking services in all styles of music. We work with you the client to determine what is the best type of music for your event. We assist in getting your offer to the artist and working with you through the entire booking process up to the artist taking the stage. Our team wants you to succeed and “Booking what you love over what sells.” is our mantra. We know what artists will sell tickets and those that appear bigger than they are.

Concert Production Services

We work with you putting together all the parts necessary after booking your artist. We guide you through hiring sound light and stage, working with ticketing, advancing shows, hospitality and more. Our experience can help you save money and make your event more profitable.

The Day of Show can be a hectic time. An experience RMA staffer will be on site to help you make the day manageable.  We have staff on site from artist arrival to artist departure. We make sure that you the buyer understand the needs of the day and help facilitate the event. We are hands on working with the event staff and artists.

Production (Stage, Light, Sound)

Booking the artist is the first step. Getting quality professional production is the unseen part of the show that makes the event great. We assist in securing the best production necessary for your event. We understand the needs of the artist and work with production crews to make sure that your event sounds and and looks great. We work with the best teams in the region and know who can and who can not provide the right production for you. We understand that your crowd “Listens with their eyes” Lets make sure they enjoy.

Marketing, Media, and Public Relations

You have booked the show, but does anyone know? How do we get the word out? Let RMA consult with you the best way to market your event and get the word out. We have staff that knows how to properly market and inform the public on your event. We can assist and consult you on where and how to spend your marketing budget. Getting the best return on your marketing will put more “butts in the seats” and give you a better show.